Sunday, 3 March 2013

Spring 2013: Beauty Must Haves

Illustration by Rose Sturdy
Sun-kissed bliss is almost upon us. It's time to whip out the sunglasses (any excuse to prance around channeling the aura of V-Becks!) and get ready for Spring 2013. Here are my top products for the up-coming warmer months...  

The Blush: Benefit Dandelion Brightening Face Powder, £23.50
A super pretty pink with a gorgeous light shimmer. This cute blush is all the fresh, floral loveliness of spring in a nice little box. Sweep over the cheek bones for a radiant girlie-pink hue. And it's absolutely beautiful for those with fair skin.

I love this bronzing palette, and as the weather warms up it's always nice to add subtle glow to a sun-deprived visage. The two tones are fantastic for building the illusion of cheekbones, as you can use the darker shade to emphasize the hollows of your cheeks. The mineral powder smells lush, and contains SPF15 for extra skin protection. Glorious! 

The Highlighter: Barry M Dazzle Dust in Gold Iridescent, £4.59
I use the tiniest amount of this shimmer-packed powder on the brow and cheek bones for a light catching finish. Really pretty and illuminating, and quite a bargain too!  

The Nails: Rococo Nail Apparel in Jaded Creme, £12
The minty cream shade looks amazing with a tan, and is so on trend this season. It's an eye-catcher too, with a light shimmer that reminds me of mother of pearl. Rococo is quite thin in consistency but it dries quick, two or three coats does the job nicely. Prepare for glances of admiration when you pop this little number on your talons.  

The Lips: Go Mulberry! Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sugar Plum, £7.99
The mulberry lip trend is STILL going strong, and this brand new shade of lip butter by Revlon is bang on. They're really hydrating and soft too, perfect for a glossy pout.

The Face: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser SPF20, £33
Too. much. love. for. this. 
Seriously, it is really really good. If you don't feel like going all out with heavy foundation, a few dabs of this tinted moisturiser (with SPF20, bonus!) leaves the skin visibly lifted and bright. The illuminating version is great for spring/summer, you can look like a dewy, glowing goddess in an instant. It smells gorgeous, feels soft on the skin and adds a great boost of healthiness to any complexion. 

The Hair: Pixie Waves with Mark Hill Wicked Waver, £59.99 
I love a sexy wave in the warmer months, and I've been using this funky waver by Mark Hill to achieve a messy beach style. The waver is unique as it has random bumps, so each wave looks different and more natural. Spritz with Catwalk by TIGI Salt Spray for an extra beach-beautiful finish.

The Eyes: Clinique Cream Liner in Smoke Grey, £15.00
I've already harped on about how much I like these cream liners, but for those who missed it, I think the range by Clinique is ruddy brill. They glide on lovely, don't smudge once dry and last all day long. The smoke grey shade is a softer way of framing eyes, really nice for when you're wearing less make-up on a warm day.

What are your spring/summer beauty essentials? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting @poutoutproud! Also, I'd like to introduce Rosemary Sturdy to you all, who has created the fabulous illustration at the top of this blog. If you like her work then please check out her website.

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