Monday, 11 March 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked: Foundation Review

Revlon have brought out a brand new foundation range, 'Nearly Naked', £8.99 for the liquid foundation with SPF20, and despite its absolutely hideous (okay, slightly clunky, pardon my incessant need to exaggerate) packaging, the beautiful finish of this High Street foundation is actually very impressive. 

But first, let me get this moanathon out of the way. Mr Revlon big boss man, why would you put such a great foundation in such a un-user friendly bottle? I do not want to have to pour my foundation onto my palm. No, I do not. Undoubtedly my pristine black blouse will look mauled by the sand monster in approximately five seconds. Nor do I want to cart around a heavy glass bottle with a cheap-looking white lid. Phew.

But me and this foundation have found a way to work through our early relationship troubles (I've armed my dresser with a pack of baby wipes) and as you can see in the picture above, the result is light, even and flawless. You really have to buff the foundation into the skin (circular motions with a foundation brush, as if working in a moisturiser) and my skin was fresh and soft after application, with a slightly dewy finish. It softens uneven skin tones, minimising ruddy cheeks or shadows, but does not look too opaque or plastic. A great foundation for the daytime, definitely one of the best I've tried out this year. Now if only I could have a word with the packaging designers...

Top Tip: For an extra flawless finish, sweep a layer of mineral powder foundation over the liquid foundation once it has settled on the face. It makes all the difference! I used Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder, £7.99 (also a fantastic product but with slightly ghastly packaging...not taking any prisoners on the aesthetics here am I?!)

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