Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dita Von Teese Golden Vintage Eyelights for ArtDeco

This ornate palette by Dita Von Teese for ArtDeco is a touch of vintage glamour for any make up collection. The packaging is cute and retro, not quite as expensive looking as other shadow palettes of this price range due to the fact it's made from plastic, but it's nice and light if you're often on the go.

The shadow itself is a really fabulous trio of dusky pinks with a deep mocha, a glamorous and softer alternative to charcoal. The shadow is fine and smooth, with a heavy shimmer. Definitely one for super glam evenings. I love how the tones compliment blue eyes, so I tried it out on my dear friend Anna...

Get the look:
1. Apply a base primer to the eyelids to minimise shadow stray. I used ArtDeco eyeshadow base, £8, which is creamy and neutral. 
2. Using a narrow eyeshadow brush, apply the darkest tone to the outer edge of the eyelid, sweeping lightly inwards across the crease
3. Apply the deeper pink shade onto the mid section of the eyelid, blending into the mocha shadow
4. Use the lightest shadow to the blend everything together seamlessly with a soft shadow blending brush
5. Use the lightest shadow to highlight the brow bone beneath the brows
6. Apply a thin line of liquid liner to the lash line, dragging out the edges slightly. Apply underneath the water line, dragging inwards under the last 1/3 section of the eye. I used ArtDeco High Precision Liquid Liner, £21. It's scarily precise!
7. Open up the eye with a touch of creamy concealer in the inner corners. I used New CID Cosmetics i-open double ended eye line and concealer, £16.50 

Here's a rough guide for enhancing beautiful eyes: 
Brown line = Dark tones
Pink line = Mid tones
White line = Highlights

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