Tuesday, 26 March 2013

An Easter Delight: Nails Inc in Bruton Street and Jermyn Street

Illustration by Rose Sturdy
Easter is nearly here, hurrah! And the celebrations don't stop with the yummy chocolate eggs... Pop some Easter inspiration into your talons too.
A few coats of this dusky pink nail paint, 'Bruton Street' by Nails Inc, with the odd nail coated in a gorgeous layer of 'Jermyn Street' - a soft chocolatey taupe, will leave your fingertips a sweet delight. The finished effect totally reminds me of cute little chocolate mini eggs with their delicate pastel shells. 

I am completely in love with Nails Inc right now. So quintessentially British, the shades are unique and oh so sophisticated. Fast drying, glossy and smooth. Nail perfection. 

Happy Easter you gorgeous little bunnies xxx

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