Wednesday, 28 November 2012

L'Oreal Paris Nail Wraps

Nail art is seriously BIG right now. And if you're not one to spend half a day sticking gems to your finger tips/eyebrows/hair/fave pair of jeans, then try out this super cute range by L'Oreal Paris. It really is as simple as peel, stick, trim. 

I only put tips on (and then added an extra coat of clear to seal the deal) as the whole nail looked a bit too bling for my tastes. 

The packet claims these transfers last for two weeks, which is rather optimistic in my opinion. I had to peel mine off after one evening as the corners lifted a little. And I did find that the transfers looked a bit bumpy round the edges. But in general, if you want a bit of fun nail art for under a tenner, then give these little transfers a try.

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