Monday, 19 November 2012

Feel the Magnetism: Barry M's Magnetic Nail Paint Review

I'm not going to lie to you all, I wasn't overly sure on the concept of magnetised nail varnish. In fact, I thought it would look absolutely hideous. But actually, Barry M's Magnetic Nail Paint, £4.99, was quite a hit. A glossy finish, rich colour, good shimmer... And the magnetic effect wasn't as childish as I had feared. It actually looked pretty damn good. I take it all back, dearest Bazza M.

Top Tips For Magnetic Perfection

This is not one for the impatient amongst us. Give yourself plenty on time, and be prepared to concentrate.

Prepare the nail. Trust me, it makes all the difference if you've got a great base to work with. I use Boots' 6 Way File and Buffer, £2.50 to remove ridges in the nail and shine the surface. I then apply one coat of Boots' Save The Nail 45 Second Coat, £6.99.

Take it one nail at a time. Apply a generous layer of the Nail Paint and then immediately hold the magnet (on top of the lid) a millimetre away from the nail surface. Hold it there for a few seconds. This was where my patience failed me, as I accidentally plonked the magnet on my wet nail four times. Seriously. FOUR TIMES.

Repeat this step with each and every nail. Only one coat required, yes!

Get as creative as you like. Here's my tasty 'mint humbug' inspired nails. I applied a black coat before using Barry M's magnetic varnish in sparkling silver.

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