Tuesday, 30 April 2013

DIY Gel Nails with SensatioNail

DIY Gel Nails with SensatioNail
DIY Gel Nails with SensatioNail, £60 for the starter kit with LED nail lamp, £10 for each colour

I've always loved a bit of 'salon at home', so the opportunity to do my own gels was way too much of a temptation to pass. If you've got a steady hand and a bit of patience, then you'll be able to create beautiful gel nails whilst watching New Girl on the sofa/in your PJs/tending to a butternut squash risotto.
I'm no nail expert, but thankfully this kit is as easy as they come. The instructions are really straightforward, it's pretty much: Step 1. Apply base coat and cure for 30 seconds. Step 2. Apply colour coat and cure for 60 seconds. Step 3. Repeat step 2. Step 4. Repeat step 1. Rocket scientists, don't sweat it.

You're not tied to a salon appointment and it works out much cheaper in the long run. The DIY option isn't for everyone (I often relish those hours in the salon - and no doubt the finished effect is more professional) but if you're fed up of chipping and want to step up the hardiness of your varnish, then this is a quick and fuss-free fix. It's rather fun too.
I was also really impressed by the huge range of colours available. I love a dark, glossy gel nail so I opted for SensatioNail's 'Dusk til Dawn' shade for my fingers, and the more summery red 'Spoiled Diva' for my toes. Both looked beautifully bold, gorgeous colours for statement nails.

To remove I used Magis Foil Nail Wraps, £9.95 for 50. Never scrape off the gel - no matter how tempted - as this is bad for the nail bed.

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