Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Finding the perfect fragrance with Selfridges fragrance buyer Mark Tranter

Finding the perfect fragrance for you is no easy task. I need my scent to really say something about me,   a way of reaching out and giving people a little hint at my personality, before I've even said hello. This means that I wear my perfume for others, Mark Tranter, fragrance buyer for Selfridges, informs me.

Fragrance is so personal, that even the way you wear it is bespoke. Do you wear your perfume as an expression, or do you wear it because the smell is attractive to you? Do you opt for a head-to-toe dowse or a subtle spritz? Is it about a familiar smell which make you feel at ease? Would you rather have a trademark scent, or a scent for every season? Do you have a fragrance which can instantly take you back to a time, a place, or a person?

Needless to say, I love the intricacies of finding the perfect perfume. It is just so wonderfully indulgent.  I was intrigued to hear that Selfridges are making a conscious effort to broaden their spectrum of fragrance, offering more than just the high street fads, so that customers can really find the fragrance which hits their needs. I was put in the capable hands of Tracy, who works on the fragrance counter in Exchange Square, Manchester, to help me find the scent for me. Instead of being left to peruse hundreds of bottles of perfume, with sticks of white paper coming out my ears, Tracy first asked me a few questions. 'What perfume do you wear now?' 'What made you choose that perfume?' 'What do you like in a perfume?' And from my answers, she was able to provide a mini analysis on my fragrance desires - I'm a lover of floral but not too sweet - and brought a cross section of scents to try.


After sampling the shortlist on paper, I narrowed it down to two scents to try on the skin.

Before buying any scent, you should always test on the skin, to see how the oils react. Tracy informed me that you should always spritz perfume on the under section of your forearm, never on the neck area, as this can result in pigmentation due to the alcohol content. 

The Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum has a heady, sensual, floral base - a gorgeous scent for the winter months. But for me, Creed Acqua Florentina was my perfume nirvana. A clear winner. It's got a heavy price tag, but a light spritz goes a long way. I wore this fragrance on a first date (yes, I know!) on Saturday, and every time I reached for my handbag I noticed a wave of deliciousness. It's beautifully floral and so sophisticated. 

How do you find your perfect scent? Let me know by commenting below, tweeting @PoutOutProud or commenting on the Pout Out Proud Facebook page xx  

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