Monday, 21 May 2012

High Drama: Embrace the Lace

My oh my, Eye Rock's Eye Tattoos in black lace certainly ramps it up in the sexy stakes. High impact? You bet it.

Moseying around the ASOS website I spotted these unusual eyelid transfers for £6. I was a bit dubious to how well they would transfer, but they were so easy. Simply wet the paper side and peel away to reveal instant glamour. Just like the fake spidermen tattoos from the corner shop we slapped on our arms as children, minus the glamour part.

I trimmed the transfer so that it did not go underneath the eye, but if you're a daring doll you could go full frontal with the design. I personally think the sole lace wing is enough of a statement without overcrowding the eye. To apply you simply line it up so that the corner of the design sits perfectly in the crevice of your eye, and the wing extends from the outer edge of your eyelid. After a few dabs with a wet cloth, the sultry lace design transfers.

I like to blend the design with black eyeshadow and eyeliner, creating a smoke and lace effect. It softens the finality of the transfer, making it more sophisticated (and a bit less like a sticker on your face, which is always a plus)

Finish with lashings of mascara and soft black kohl on the bottom eyelid. This will balance out the extremity of the top lid and create a smouldering dynamic to the look.

Get the look with:

Pssst! I've spied Eye Rock's flower design, also £6 and available from ASOS, and it is so so so pretty. Perfect for creating a festival-chic look in less than five minutes. Check it out.

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