Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Eye Love London

Yep, this could be one step closer to crazy than I've ever gone before, but how quintessentially cute are these lashes? The skyline of London town can now take pride of place on your pretty little eyelids. What more could you wish for? Don a pair with all your Jubilee swagger, or get ready for London 2012 in a quick flutter.  These lashes are so fun but also really delicate (as they're made from paper), so they will still look flirty and feminine.

'Paperself' specialise in these unique decorative lashes, inspired by the Chinese art of paper cutting. The 'London Skyline' range (a limited edition) is available from both ASOS and Topshop for £12. They're quite long (to suit all eye sizes) so you may need to lose a London Eye, or maybe even a Big Ben... it's your call.

Adhesive is not included, so be sure to keep stock of your glue from your last set of sexy lash enhancers.

You can stick your peepers on all of Paperself's ranges by checking out their website here. I LOVE the 'Peacock' set. So effortlessly sophisticated.

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