Monday, 10 December 2012

Skin Nourishment: Rituals Skincare Range

A perfectly primed base is essential for a radiant complexion. I've been using the Rituals skin care range for one month, and my complexion has visibly improved. If you're still using face wipes as your staple make-up remover, then you really need to have a re-think. They dry out your skin and don't penetrate deep enough into your pores to remove dirt, which will eventually cause bad blemishes.

For a glowing complexion, your skincare regime should contain:

Cleanser - Removes make-up and daily dirt whilst gently hydrating
Toner - Removes any excess cleanser to stop it from clogging up your pores
Serum -  Penetrates deeper into the skin layers due to the finer molecules. It's not essential to use a serum and a moisturiser, but a serum might be for you if your skin needs extra nourishment. Apply after toning but before moisturising. Some serums can dry out the skin, so should be followed by a moisturiser (after allowing to absorb into the skin for ten minutes)
Moisturiser - Rehydrates skin. Even if your skin is oily, you should be using a tailored moisturiser. Apply serum/moisturiser at night, as that's the optimum time for the skin to repair itself.

Mild Facial Cleansing Milk, £9.50, available from (pictured)
It's gentle and hydrating, perfect for slightly dry or irritable skin. It smells fresh and clean, without being overly fragranced. The consistency is lovely and smooth, it leaves skin soft and renewed.

Vitality and Energy Mask, £14.50, available from (pictured)
The perfect remedy for tired, dull skin. I lather this mask on after a heavy (and yes, slightly boozy) night out, for instant TLC and rehydration. This mask penetrates into the pores and lifts deep-seated dirt. Glorious!

Active Moisture Lotion, £22.50, available from (pictured)
A perfect daily moisturiser, it absorbs fast and leaves skin super soft. It smells beautiful, but it's not so heavily perfumed that it irritates the skin. It's a lovely, rich product.

Pssst! I also love the Rituals Foundation with pure minerals and natural amethyst, I wear it in the day time as it's a gorgeous light coverage and it doesn't leave the skin feeling clogged or greasy.

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